Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Party

Today I took the kids to a Halloween party at my Friend Jill's parents house. The kids had alot of fun. They had several different games and activities for the kids to do. Here are some pictures of the kids in their cute Halloween costumes.


My crazy girls Shyanne and Sierra

Cute Little Taty Bug

My Little Mummy's Boy Tegan

Family Campout 2008

So for the last couple years we have gotten this great idea to torture ourselves and plan a family campout. The idea is to see who can last a weekend without killing another family member. Last year we did it a more potluck style where everyone just brought different items. My lovely sister and I decided that it would be more convenient (not sure for who) but to have everyone pitch in and I (who the hell came up with this idea again) would do all the meal planning and shopping and haul everything up to the campout and spend the whole time cooking and cleaning up. So after renting a motorhome and heading up to Beaver Mountain the fun began! So here is the background. There is me and my family, My sister Kacy and her kids (her husband to follow later), My brother Mike and his family (who showed up at 2:00 in the morning) My sister Stephanie and her family (who doesn't get along with Mike and his family), My brother Ronnie and his family (who's wife would rather not be there cause she hates camping), My sister Kim and her kids without her husband (they are split up and my brother Ronnie has a very strong opinion about it), Oh and how could I forget my Dad with his off and on girlfriend and My Mom and her dog sparkey. So anyone who has gotten together with family I am sure can relate.
So Mom is mad cause the "on and off" girlfriend is there. My sister is mad cause my brother is coming, my brother is irritated cause we wanted to pitch in for food and refused so he brought his own boxes of cereal and other goods for his family. So the first night we crammed me and Randy, Mom and sparkey, Kacy, Kyson, Dawson, Tegan, Tatum and Sierra in a Motorhome that should have only slept about 5 people maybe a few more just kids. But certainly not as many as we did. Mom snoring away, alarm on the battery going off in the middle of the night, and my brother pulling in at 2:00 in the morning. Everyone gets up and I get to the cooking while everyone stuffs their faces. I finally get to sit and eat my cold pancakes while everyone enjoys themselves on the fourwheelers. Thanks for breakfast everyone. So after breakfast I decide that sleeping arrangements for night #2 are changing. Kacy and her husband and three kids are sleeping in the tent and we are now sleeping in the motorhome with our 6 kids, Randy and I and Mom and Sparkey. So as the kids are racing around throughout the day on the fourwheelers I am taking my much needed nap before dinner duty in the kitchen. Out in the campground some guy is yelling at the kids for racing around in the mountains on Four wheelers and trying to shoot kids with airsoft guns and arrows. So dinner came around and we survived another day at the Lourenco family campout. Finally we all got snug in our bed woke up and I got to make another gourmet breakfast for the wonderful family. We were out of the camp by 11:00 and on our way back home to clean up and get ready for our week.

Hawaii 2008

So this past summer me and Randy got to go to Maui with my sister and her husband. We were not sure if we going to be able to go for sure due to some changes. We booked it clear back in September last year. But the night before I finally decided that we were for sure going. So we had to be to the airport by 10:30 and we finally got on the road from St. George at 6:30 in the morning with kids in tow. We dropped the kids off with my Mom and hoped that the daycare would all fall into place. So then we were off to Maui. We flew first class which was great. While we were in Hawaii we did alot of snorkeling and even went on a snorkeling adventure. On the snorkeling cruise we got to see tons of dolphins. We went to Warren and Annabelle's magic show in Lahaina. I highly recommend that to anyone planning to go to Maui, It was super fun. You can't go to Hawaii without going to a Luau. Randy and Kacy got up on Stage at the Luau and did the Hula. It was pretty funny. The guys did some Cliff jumping and we also went on a zipline. We did lots of Shopping and ate lots of food. There was a really yummy place called Kimo's that had this wonderful stuff called "Hula Pie" (See pictures below) It was so good we had to eat there twice. There was also this Ice cream place that had this ice cream called "Tutu's anniversary". When we were not at Kimo's we were getting this. So needless to say we came home weighing alot more and being more broke then when we left. All in all we had a good time. The kids were still breathing when we got home so the trip was a success. Enjoy the pictures.

Mmmmm! Hula Pie (oreo crust, macadamian nut ice cream covered with a layer of fudge then topped with cool whip, macadamian nuts and chocolate syrup) Mmmm! Anyone want to go to Kimo's with me?

Some Big Hawaiian guy who thought we were hot.